Ducati Diavel Diesel

Never Look Back

Ducati and Diesel together again

Ducati and Diesel open an important new chapter in their partnership with the exclusive Ducati Diavel Diesel, a unique bike that seamlessly combines elements of the past and the future.


Past and future

The Ducati Diavel Diesel is the result of a collaboration between Andrea Rosso, the Creative Director of Diesel Licenses, and the Ducati Design Center. The inspiration for their work is an imaginary post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic world with a hyperkinetic vitality.

Absolute style in a limited edition

The Ducati Diavel Diesel will be produced in a limited and numbered edition of only 666 motorcycles. Each bike is made unique by a plate on the frame bearing its progressive number.

Andrea Rosso CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF DIESEL LICENSES “It's an important motorcycle that reflects the hard rock side of Diesel's DNA. 'Never Look Back' engraved with the two logos illustrates the meaning of this partnership: a timeless motorcycle distinguished by many unique elements like brushed steel and visible welds and rivets. Ducati Diavel and Diesel, three words with six letters that form a perfect number, 666, the number of motorcycles in the world made by this new partnership.”

Claudio Domenicali DUCATI MOTOR HOLDING CEO “ The collaboration with Diesel enabled us to explore original stylistic and technical aspects whilst staying within the Ducati brand and fully respecting its values. In this case we worked with Diesel on an already uniquely original bike like the Diavel and the result was surprising to put it mildly. The details characterizing the Diavel Diesel cannot fail to captivate connoisseurs of special bikes but also people from different walks of life, such as fashion. It’s always stimulating for us to move outside the world of motorcycling and widen our brand’s areas of interest. ”

Tank cover

The Ducati Diavel Diesel features hand-brushed steel superstructures with visible welds and rivets, making it absolutely unique and timeless. Details such as the tank cover, the headlight fairing and the passenger seat cover are examples of craftsmanship and style.


The genuine leather seat is an exclusive and unique element of this Diavel and bears the symbol of a pyramid with three equal sides identifying the three Ds of Ducati, Diavel and Diesel.

Unmistakable details

Other distinguishing features of this very special Diavel are the covers of the side conveyors made in red methacrylate with the embedded Diesel logo. Red is also the colour of the Brembo front brake callipers, of five chain links and the LCD instrument panel that recalls vintage digital displays.

Exhaust system

The exhaust of the Ducati Diavel Diesel is another small work of art thanks to the black Zircotec ceramic coating on the tubes and black silencers with billet endcaps also bearing the pyramid logo.

Capsule Collection

Diesel has created a capsule collection dedicated to Ducati that reflects the DNA and common roots of the two brands: creativity and innovation are the key elements that make Ducati and Diesel two icons among products Made in Italy. The collection consists of two Jogg Jeans, a leather biker jacket and two T-shirts.

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The technology of the Ducati Diavel Diesel

  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Equipment
Technical specification

Testastretta 11° engine

The heart of the Diavel Diesel is the Ducati Testastretta 11° Dual Spark, a direct development of the Ducati Corse engines that have won championships on racetracks across the globe. The Testastretta 11° DS delivers the power and torque of a Superbike, 152 HP and 123 Nm, taming and modulating them with the Ride-by-Wire management system that combines high performance with a ride that is smooth and perfectly manageable.

Riding Mode

The Riding Modes offer a riding experience that is exciting yet safe and intuitive. The three preset modes are selectable even while riding, immediately affecting the "character" of the Diavel Diesel, adjusting the maximum power, the engine output and the Ducati Traction Control.


The seat of the Diavel Diesel offers generous space and is just 770 mm from the ground, which, together with the handlebar set back, guarantees a pleasant and comfortable ride. Full control and maximum comfort, with the inimitable cruiser style.

Suspensions and brakes

On the front the Diavel Diesel has a 50 mm fork with anti-friction legs in DLC diamond carbon. The fork is fully adjustable in the spring preload, compression and rebound. The rear monoshock acts on the single-sided swinging arm with progressive linkage and is fully adjustable for compression and rebound.
The braking performance of the Diavel Diesel is guaranteed by Brembo brakes with monoblock callipers driven by radial pumps. On the front, two semi-floating 320 mm discs are paired with twin four-piston radial callipers, while on the rear the 265 mm disc is engaged by a Brembo two-piston calliper.

240 mm rear tyre

The engineered chassis together with the 240 mm rear tyre specially developed by Pirelli for the Diavel adds personality to the bike and at the same time allows for high levels of handling but also comfort for everyday use.

Exclusive equipment

The Diavel Diesel is made unique by details in hand-brushed steel with visible welds and rivets, like the tank cover, the headlight fairing and the passenger seat cover. The visible welds also appear on the anodised black side conveyors with a red methacrylate centre cover bearing an embedded Diesel logo. The red colour is also found on the LCD instrument panel, the front brake callipers and five chain links. The pipes of the exhaust system feature a Zircotec black ceramic coating. The silencers with billet endcaps are also black.

Exclusive equipment

The Diavel Diesel features a leather seat with a unique design and a numbered plate on the frame. The pyramid logo appears on the seat, on the front mudguard and on the silencer endcaps. The standard equipment of the Diavel Diesel series also includes rear-view mirrors with billet sump and leg, specially designed bike cover and rear stand.

Ducati Safety Pack

The standard Diavel Diesel is equipped with the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP). Designed to guarantee maximum vehicle control and active safety when riding, the DSP includes the Brembo brake system with Bosch ABS and the Ducati Traction Control (DTC) with eight levels.


The power/torque values indicated are measured using an engine dynamometer according to homologation regulation and they correspond to the homologated data, as quoted in the Bike Registration Document.